RÚV (Rás 1)

RÚV (Rás 1)

 Posted on October 31, 2015, and last modified on 11 months ago.

Listen to RÚV (Rás 1) Radio online from Iceland

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RÚV (Rás 1)
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RUV is the public radio broadcaster of Iceland and RUV Ras 1 is their main radio station. RUV Ras 1 as being the main radio station of RUV is broadcasting with lots of a number of daily listeners every day. They are the popular radio station in the city and is broadcasting a range of quality radio programs. The programs are mainly Talk shows and news.

Rás 1 ([rauːs'ejtʰ]; Channel 1) is an Icelandic radio station belonging to and operated by Ríkisútvarpið (RÚV), Iceland's national public service broadcaster. Having been on the air since 20 December 1930 using the call-sign Útvarp Reykjavík (Radio Reykjavík), the station adopted its present name on 1 December 1983 when RÚV began transmitting a second, alternative radio service, which is known as Rás 2.

Rás 1 carries primarily news, weather, current affairs coverage, and cultural programming dealing with the arts, history, the Icelandic language, literature, and social and environmental issues.

Broadcast throughout Iceland on FM (92.4 and 93.5 MHz in Reykjavík), via Satellite and also 189 kHz longwave, it is currently among the country's most listened-to radio stations.