NSB Radio

NSB Radio

 Posted on December 7, 2018

Listen to NSB Radio Radio online from United Kingdom

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This webcast is delayed slightly from the televised broadcast, up to approximately 60 seconds, depending upon your internet connection speed and computer configuration. Please keep this in mind when calling in with requests. Open the original page ☛ Click here.

NSB Radio
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NSB Radio is one of the worlds biggest internet radio stations. We play genre-defying, block-rocking dance music.

NSB Radio started as an off-shoot of NuSkoolBreaks.co.uk in June 2004 and has been running ever since. We started out just doing weekdays, quickly upping our timetable to the full seven days. We now run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week broadcasting from around the globe.

We’ve been broadcasting live, every hour of every day, for the last 5,000 days (and counting). We were there at the dawn of internet radio and have seen countless stations emerge (and many others disappear). NSB has weathered the tests of time and stands proud as one of the oldest, constantly broadcasting, stations that the internet has ever seen.

Unlike other stations, the music on our radio station is mixed and played by real DJs – there’s no algorithms picking tracks, no software playing random tracks – just passionate DJs playing music they love.

We've received the "Best Radio Station" award at Breakspoll, the international breakbeat awards, near on every year the awards were held.

We love bass, beats, and breakbeats. We believe breaks, and our music policy, should be genre-defying; a melting pot of styles where the music can go in any direction – incorporating hip-hop, funk, dubstep, drum and bass, house, bass, techno, whatever – as long as it sounds good and gets the party started. So that’s what we play.