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 Posted on November 2, 2015, and last modified on 2 months ago.

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Andorra TV

RTVA is a young public entity, the result of the evolution of the old national television and radio, dating from 1991 (the ORTA). We were created in 2000 after Andorra became a legal state. The technological evolution linked to information and communication promoted a response in the form of a law to regulate the development of the Andorran audiovisual sector.

RTVA is a radio, television and a website of local vocation and will where the specialization and focus in Andorra and the Pyrenees makes it different and unique. Both, along with the web, explain, show and inform about everything that happens in the Principality and its immediate surroundings.

Showing social, cultural, political and sporting reality, and giving presence and voice to our sponsors, citizens, youth, and children, we are recognized as the radio and television of Andorra, where we all have to feel identified and where we all are. our space.

RTVA is a public service. Thus programming and emissions are subject to:

  • - Respect for the principles established in the Constitution of the Principality of Andorra and the rights and freedoms that are recognized and guaranteed.
  • - The objectivity, truthfulness, and impartiality of the information.
  • - Respect for freedom of expression and information.
  • - Respect for the rights to honor, personal and family privacy, and the image itself.
  • - Respect for political, cultural and social pluralism.
  • - The promotion of the language, as well as the execution of the cultural, educational and social mission of Andorra.
  • - Respect and special attention to youth and children, both in the treatment of contents and general programming.
  • - Respect for the principles of equality and non-discrimination on grounds of birth, race, sex or any personal or social circumstances.

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