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 Posted on November 2, 2015, and last modified on 9 months ago.

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Vizion Plus

Vizion Plus TV is a satellite television station from Tirana, Albania, providing Entertainment shows. Vizion Plus TV produces and airs dramas, comedies, news and talk shows of interest to Albanian viewers.

Vizion Plus is a national, private television station founded in 1999 in Tirana, Albania and is part of the Edil-Al construction group. Besides being broadcast terrestrially throughout Albania, the station can be found in Europe through the Tring TV digital platform, in North America on IPTV and around the world through its website's stream.

At the end of 2007, the station unsuccessfully tried to obtain the third national coverage TV license in Albania. In 2002, it ranked sixth with 3.4% audience share. Latest opinion polls have listed it as one of the favorite television channels of Albania placing it among the main top 3 TV channels in the Albanian Market.

Vizion Plus is a national, National Digital Terrestrial Television with AMA decision. Vizion Plus is established in 1999, starting as a local media and a few years later broadcasting allover Albanian Territory, covering about 80 % of the audience and with a market share on 30 - 35 %. Rated among the most preferred televisions by Albanians, domestically and abroad.

Vizion Plus Operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a network located throughout Albania. A professional staff with field experience in broadcasting provides a high level of communication with audiences. We have positioned ourselves as a provider of high-quality innovative television programs and as the authoritative voice in Albania for news and current affairs programs.

 Programs and documentary in the form of a guide or aesthetic dialogue as well as communication through the reflection of cultural phenomena, which attract attention and raise awareness national individuality and intellectual formation of the company. All evaluated by critics for their realistic grades and rich topics. Winner of several awards for productions in the documentary genre.


Vizion Plus bought the rights to Zonë e Lirë, 2007-2011 considered as the highest rated talk show hosted by a former news editor, Arian Çani. The channel collaborates with the famous film studios Sony Pictures Universal and Paramount Picture, and has succeeded, with media partners, in the production of quality programmes such as editions of Miss Albania 2006, 2007 and 2008, Albanian Clip Nights, Miss Globe 2008, Editions of Shkodra Jazz Festival, Jazz Fest Tirana, the 5th edition of the Microphone Festival of Arts and editions of Cult Awards Academy. Recently, in collaboration with Tring Digital, Vizion Plus successfully bought the rights of the first Albanian edition of Dancing with the Stars and improvised comedy show Apartment 2XL. These two shows produced record audiences. Every Wednesday Vizion Plus airs Uefa Champions League matches with hosts Eva Murati and Andi Nuraj.