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Colsecor TV

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 Posted on June 15, 2014, and last modified on 5 months ago.

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Colsecor TV

It is the satellite signal of COLSECOR, the first cooperative channel with 24 hours. of transmission, of free reception that transmits from Córdoba, through the satellite Telstar 12. It's programming, in addition to its own, is made up of contents resulting from cooperation agreements with different national and international entities, others produced by those associated with COLSECOR. It is a federal signal for its arrival, to more than 190 locations in Argentina.

Since September 2002, it promotes the values of the solidarity economy by creating a space for independent productions and community projects.

About us

The Cooperative for Provision and Marketing of Community Services of Broadcasting COLSECOR Ltda., Is a first-grade cooperative made up of cooperatives and SMEs from all over the country, which provide subscription and telecommunications television services.

From the cooperative principles and values, we manage the demands of the associates regarding the contracting of TV, Telecommunications and Media signals, providing comprehensive advice for obtaining joint solutions to the issues that concern the services provided.

Our goal is to expand the integration of cooperative entities and SMEs with an associative spirit that demands audiovisual communication services and added value associated with them. The confluence will allow generating economies of scale to position the sector guaranteeing the sustainability of the projects, the technological innovation through the principles and values that drive the management.

We provide services for contracting TV signals, digital television, provision of bandwidth, fixed telephony, carrier, licenses, and generation of audiovisual and graphic content.