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Crónica TV

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 Posted on September 27, 2018, and last modified on 3 months ago.

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Crónica TV

The news channel Nº1 of Argentina, creator of a unique informative style with its unmistakable red plates.

El canal de noticias Nº1 de la Argentina, creador de un estilo informativo único con sus inconfundibles placas rojas.

Crónica TV is an Argentinian news channel focused on live news reports. It is operated by Estrellas Producciones S.A. (Estrella Satelital) and owned by Héctor Ricardo García.


Rossana González and Gustavo Chapur led the initial broadcast of Crónica TV on 3 January 1994, and it became the first Argentine TV channel to broadcast 24 hours of news and live reports.

For the past 10 years, the channel has been the leader in ratings, beating Todo Noticias also in coverage and breaking news.

The channel is well known in Argentina for its populist character and its bizarre treatment of information. Its trademark is the use of red screens and big white letters to announce breaking news, accompanied by the US military march "The Stars And Stripes Forever". Sometimes the news titles border on foolishness; one September 22, the channel announced: 364 days left to the next spring.