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 Posted on November 3, 2015, and last modified on 2 months ago.

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Ekattor TV

Ekattor TV (Bengali: একাত্তর টিভি) is a 24-hour Bangladeshi full news television channel. The channel goes to full on-air 21 June 2012. This is a Bangladeshi fourth news channel. They are headquartered in 57, Shohrawardi Avenue Baridhara, Dhaka. The channel Slogan is "Sangbad Noy Songjog.

First Full HD News Channel In Bangladesh.

Ekattor is the First TWO-WAY News and Current Affairs Television of Bangladesh with cutting-edge technology as well as excellence in contents.

It's the First Full HD television of Bangladesh and pioneer in many other aspects of the television industry of Bangladesh as well as the South Asia region. The television marked its signature in broadcast journalism around the country and abroad.

Connecting News and People is the USP of the Channel. Upholding the spirit of the Liberation War of Bangladesh is the editorial position of the station.

Bangladesh, a country of over 160 million people, has been recognized as the next eleven emerging countries of the world. The stable economic & political situation & most importantly the people’s attitude to change the country driven by vibrant mass media are some of the main reasons behind the immense possibilities of this country.

Ekattor, a licensed private satellite channel of Ekattor Media Limited, and the first & still the only true full HD channel(technical information attached) of Bangladesh, has come with a promise to change the way television channels have been presented to millions of viewers of Bangladesh. Ekattor has been in the process to create the momentum of rewriting the history of broadcast media of Bangladesh.

The vision of Ekattor is to ensure the people’s right to access to information. Ekattor believes in empowering every person to promote the secular democratic political practices that will be resulted in becoming a stable & truly developed & culturally rich nation.

June 21, 2012- the day people of Bangladesh & the rest of the world celebrated the landmark beginning of Ekattor, a new generation television channel packed with 24 x 7 live news coverage as a real-time basis and diverse infotainment programs.

For the first time in Bangladesh Ekattor has been covering multiple happenings live from anywhere & at any time.

Additionally, our technology allows us to bring live coverage even on the move from the ground & air. The television viewers have been experiencing this unique feature for the first time in Bangladesh.

The optical fiber-based connectivity across the country & the wireless device based connectivity has given the ultimate edge to keep the television viewers updated of all happenings as it happens, which also has created a sensation in the broadcast industry of Bangladesh.

Interactivity is another main feature of Ekattor that has opened up an avenue of much-awaited demand of viewers' participation. Ekattor is the platform of millions of viewers to raise their voices & express their hopes & aspirations.

As a socially responsible channel, Ekattor has touched all the human issues to bring a greater positive impact on everyone's life. Ekattor is committed to putting all of its efforts into keeping people’s interest in the center of everything it does.

The infotainment programs have been tastefully designed considering our glorious past, rich culture & traditions of Bangladesh. These unique features have certainly optimized the satisfaction of television viewers.

Ekattor has invested heavily in technology & human resources and these have created a distinguishing character of Ekattor from the rest of the channels.

From the very first day at Ekattor, we have been practicing the very true definition of journalism maintained by our extremely professional team members.