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TV Miramar

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 Posted on October 22, 2015, and last modified on 1 week ago.

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TV Miramar


Miramar Television, created since 1998, is a generalist programming channel with coverage throughout Mozambique via satellite in open signal and also through cable channels. Operates 24 hours of daily programming, with generalist programming, for all profiles of viewers. He is a member of the Record Television Group.

It is the most-watched broadcast television in Mozambique according to the audience studies provided by the Market.

Among the main awards won by Miramar are the titles: CNN for African Journalism, National Journalism Award, Best Television Brand in Mozambique, Best Musical Program in Mozambique, Superbrand Mozambique, among others.


Its mission is to provide entertainment and information, contributing to the appreciation and preservation of the family, offering active journalism and diversified programs with quality, seriousness and common sense through open television, made possible by qualified professionals committed to the company's results and by interested advertisers. alignment with the business.


Miramar, a First-rate TV, follows the main values ​​of its brand, a spirit of better serving the public, vision, creativity, initiative, integrity, justice, solidarity, communication, collaboration, complementarity, competence, discipline, responsibility, a lot of perseverance, guaranteeing confidence in independence, impartiality, honesty and organization every day, in addition to placing audiences at the center of all activities. All of this is indispensable for us to be as we are.


Dynamic, Miramar goes beyond the communication between its TV and its Radio, invests heavily in digital communication: social networks, websites, newsletters, and also invests in other means as a way to reach new audiences and also segment its products. Alternative media, print, billboard, events, are some of the actions developed with campaigns produced “In-house” and others carried out by national and international agencies and producers, it has been increasingly consolidated in the national and regional market as a TV of First.


Miramar always innovating is constantly creating new formats, betting on interactive initiatives that bring it closer to its audience. entertainment programs for all audiences from young to adult, class A, B, C, D, and E. Journalism, variety, sports, debates complete their regular program schedule.