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 Posted on July 21, 2017, and last modified on 8 months ago.

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Miracle Channel

We’re Changing Lives with Christian TV

Miracle Channel is television with purpose. We are reaching people with the hope of Christ through contemporary, life-changing programs. We air programming from popular ministries such as Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen. As well as documentaries, talk shows, movies, Canadian news, live programs, and children’s shows. “Something for everyone” really sums up the variety of programming offered by Miracle Channel…and it’s all Christian! We have been leading the Christian television industry in Canada since 1996 as the first and still the only all-Christian broadcaster.

Every month we receive reports of people who have given their lives to Christ, rededicated their walk and have had their faith restored by its programming. We have the ability to reach people right where they are, even if they haven’t yet considered attending a church. Miracle Channel impacts thousands through Christ-focused programming and prayer.

Miracle Channel’s role in bringing God’s Word to a hurting world is vitally important. We are the only Canadian television broadcaster that provides 24-hour access to Biblical teaching. We air across Canada on several major cable and satellite companies and are available around the world via live web stream.

We’re Spirit Contemporary

Being Spirit Contemporary means you’re able to function powerfully in the Spirit and understand your authority as a Christian. It also means you’re able to adapt yourself to best connect with those you aim to reach. You understand the culture you live in and you can communicate effectively to impact it.

Spirit Contemporary ministries are unique. They’re seeker sensitive, which means they are sensitive to the needs and preferences of all types of people. Yet, they refuse to compromise the life-changing flow of God’s Spirit.

A person who acts in a Spirit Contemporary way has an ability to live passionately for Jesus, but with relevance that attracts others to follow Jesus. They communicate and demonstrate their faith in everyday situations. They put God at the center while gaining influence in the world and grow in favor with both God and man, just as Jesus did.