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 Published on October 23, 2015, and last modified on 2 months ago.

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Chilevisión is defined as a means of independent, pluralistic and modern audiovisual communication, which seeks to interpret the interests of society through current programming, information and quality entertainment.

Our business mission is inspired by the values of freedom and democracy, respect for the right to life and the dignity of people, the integrity of the family, freedom of expression and the right to be properly informed - in a framework of pluralism and tolerance - as well as free entrepreneurship and the social market economy as articulators of social growth and development.

Our proposal is to be leaders in the generation of audiovisual content, delivering experiences of entertainment and information through topics that contribute to social conversation, celebrate the human value of diversity and ensure the aspiration of our audience to have a screen that genuinely connects and sees you for real.

The foregoing becomes a reality as long as we achieve economic sustainability through efficient and sustainable management over time, which allows us to maintain independence in the editorial line.

We started as a television channel in 1960. Our history is of pluralism, independence, and ideas that were put, since our foundation, at the service of the audience.

In recent years, Chileans and this industry changed. And this 2018 we evolved.

Today, from the largest production center in Chile, we generate content for the world.

We belong to Turner, the founding house of CNN, Cartoon Network and TNT, among other globally recognized signals. We produce video, audio, and text that reaches thousands of computers, televisions, and homes.

But the most important thing we do is for people, Chileans who strive every day, dream and know that life is difficult, but they know how to get ahead.

Those who know that you can have a place where everyday journalists, producers, stretches, illuminators, artists and creatives invite you to connect with emotion and ideas.

We have no prejudices, and we speak to people in the eyes, directly as always, but now with a new philosophy, where we face life as it is. With the good and bad moments. With concerns and proposals. With the complexities and nuances. With reality as it is. Dreamy, creative and colorful .