Net. - Televisi Masa Kini

Net. - Televisi Masa Kini

Watch Net. - Televisi Masa Kini online from Indonesia without cable TV or satellite?
You no longer need a cable TV subscription to watch. You can now use our service stream without having cable TV or satellite subscription. You can even watch on your TV! This is the best way for you to watch television online.

Watch Net. - Televisi Masa Kini online

 Posted on September 7, 2018, and last modified on 3 months ago.

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Net. - Televisi Masa Kini

NET. Today's television is one alternative to watching screen entertainment. NET. comes with a different format and program content than other TV stations. In accordance with the development of information technology, NET. was founded in the spirit that future entertainment and information content will be increasingly connected, more popular, deeper, more personal, and more accessible. Because of that, from the start, NET. comes with a multiplatform concept, so viewers can access NET impressions. indefinitely, anytime, anywhere.

By content, NET impressions. different from television shows that already exist. In accordance with his spirit, NET news shows. must entertain, and vice versa, NET entertainment shows. must contain facts, not rumors or gossip. In appearance, NET. It comes with sharper images and brighter colors. NET. has used a full high definition (Full-HD) system from upstream to downstream.

NET. is part of the INDIKA GROUP business group. Although it is engaged in the business of Energy & Resources under the banner of Indika Energy Tbk. (, the establishment of INDIKA began with a vision to build a business in the field of Entertainment Media and Information Technology. The name INDIKA itself stands for Multimedia and Information Industry. At present, through PT. Indika Multimedia, INDIKA GROUP is engaged in the business of Promoters, Broadcast Equipment, Production House and Radio.

Now, NET can be watched through free terrestrial broadcasts, or free to air. NET. can also be watched by subscribing to pay television, including First Media (channel 371), BIG TV (channel 232), and Orange TV. While internet customers can access live streaming through, the web, along with iOS and Android through the application: Zulu.