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 Posted on May 15, 2015, and last modified on 11 months ago.

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Whistle TV

Music Channel for the Internet Age

Whistle TV is India's newest and freshest music channel that has a 'music first' philosophy. We play a mix of colorful artists across genres of music, all day long. We help popularize the music superstars of tomorrow by infusing fresh new talent in the music scene.

It only means great exposure for new emerging artists whom the whole publicity machinery seems to have forgotten. At Whistle TV we respect and adore artists because what would we be without them? By doing this, we place more choice in the fingertips of our music lovers.

Our music programming will justify fresh and repeated viewings for music lovers of all ages and tastes. Right from Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Hindi Pop & Rock Artists to Mainstream Bollywood, Old Bollywood & Remixes - all re-packaged, re-aligned and dished out deliciously at the best and most viewer-friendly timings across the day and week. 

This is the music channel for the Internet age with dynamic programming and a strong artist focus.