Lazio TV Latina

Lazio TV Latina

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 Posted on October 31, 2015, and last modified on 1 year ago.

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Lazio TV Latina

We were born on May 1, 1978, with the name of TeleMonteGiove, and we were the pioneering TV in the local area of the Pontine area.

During these years we have become among the first broadcasters of Lazio. Today we can boast a much wider territorial coverage, in fact, with its signal we cover the whole Lazio region with our channel Lazio TV Rome and all the lower Lazio, up to the gates of Rome, with our remaining thematic channels. To be closer to all of you we have set up several studios with modern technologies in Rome, Latina, Terracina, Frosinone, Piedimonte S.Germano-Cassino and Formia.

Every day we will give you detailed information on local events with various news programs, press reviews, Teletext and various columns, without neglecting, through the thematic channels and not only, the local sport of all disciplines and entertainment.

We believe that through our existence we can put at the service of your viewers, a palimpsest that is increasingly more palatable and up-to-date.

Our thematic channels created with the new digital technology are: LazioTV (12) LazioTV Latina (650) LazioTV Frosinone (651)