Mediasport Channel

Mediasport Channel

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 Posted on December 12, 2018

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Mediasport Channel

Mediasport Channel is the first WebTV of national importance to have a daily program schedule exactly like a real TV channel.

The transmissions will be completely dedicated to the world of sport and all this gravitates around it.

The program will also include events of various disciplines in live streaming, as well as the traditional broadcasts that will occupy it during the weekly programming.

In the WebTV, there is also a section dedicated to On Demand programs that will be accessible at any time by the spectators.

Mediasport Channel is a brand owned by Mediasport Production, a start-up founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who see the web as an important dissemination tool for video content at the same level of television content.

Obviously, the development of the project relies on the collaboration of managers, journalists, and technicians with a long-standing experience consolidated in traditional and non-traditional channels, who have fully embraced the Mediasport Channel project and company policies.