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 Posted on September 25, 2017, and last modified on 9 months ago.

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Telecolor is a private TV company that has been operating for over twenty years. It is based in Cremona but can be seen in almost all of Northern Italy on the digital terrestrial channel 18.

The range of broadcasts that characterize our broadcaster are many, ranging from the news of politics and news to the deepening of the most burning cases; we deal with information, culture, and music, but also medicine, animals, environment ... so as to qualify with the subtitle "Green Team".

The definition "Green Team" that we gave to our working group is not only related to our ideas, our ideals, our television imprint, but it is above all a commitment that we take on with our audience of viewers and surfers to use all our sensitivity and our courage to propose a model of economic and social development, very different from the current one, in which many of us do not recognize each other.

We often go against the current and overturn the values. Among the values that we consider fundamental is respect for life in all living forms, the protection of nature and the environment; we believe in organic agriculture and a healthy and frugal diet, from which good health of body and mind is born.

We believe in the green economy, in sustainable development, in renewable energy.

We want to develop in ourselves and in our public a critical, responsible conscience: the ecology of the mind. A way of being, a working method, we hope coherent with our mission.

Regarding the economic crisis and happy decline, we bring you thought of Jacques Attali, economist, essayist, and French banker:

"One day or another this crisis will end, like all the others, leaving behind countless victims and some rare victors. But each of us could even get out of it in a much better state than we entered. This provided that we understand the logic and the path, use the new knowledge accumulated in various sectors, to count only on themselves, to take themselves seriously, to become actors of their own destiny and to adopt audacious strategies for personal survival."

(Jacques Attali, Surviving the Crisis Seven Life Lessons, Fazi Editore 2010)