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 Posted on May 14, 2015, and last modified on 4 months ago.

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CJ Mall

To provide customers with accurate product information and an eye-catching and interesting element, CJ ENM O SHOPPING DIV. has made customer-oriented broadcasting in collaboration with various professional employees. With Asia’s largest-scale studio, CJ ENM O SHOPPING DIV. can introduce large-sized products such as automobiles, and it can even host fashion shows, as well. CJ ENM O SHOPPING DIV. thus has been offering more value than simply shopping to our customers.

CJ ENM O SHOPPING DIV. provides outstanding customer services and rapid responses for all customers from TV Home Shopping, CJmall, and Catalogue. Since 2012, for the convenience of the hearing impaired, we have been offering ‘sign language service’ for the first time in the home shopping business and online retail industry. Since 2013, we have introduced ‘visual ARS services’ for customers' convenience and accessibility by indicating their current order status on smartphones and mobile devices. In 2015, As Mobile Shopping Market were expanded, we have introduced ‘Live Chat Service’ to help customers at every stage of the buying process. CJ ENM O SHOPPING DIV. is planning to launch various services to maximize customer satisfaction.

CJ ENM O SHOPPING DIV. strives to provide fast and accurate delivery services. To offer a high-quality service, we operate a massive fulfillment center. It also enables us to offer various delivery options such as ‘Same Day Delivery’ which makes customers receive their orders in the morning on the same day. Also, customers are able to select a delivery date depends on their schedule.

CJ ENM O SHOPPING DIV. operates through customer management services and strives to achieve improvements in customer satisfaction.

Since 2002, we run the ‘three strikes system’ to prohibit partners from selling products in which quality has been reported to be problematic for more than three times. In 2010, we were the first ones in the online shopping malls to introduce the ‘Hazard product blocking system' which automatically prohibits the sale of products including food, cosmetics, and baby products if the products have any quality issues.