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218 News

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 Posted on December 12, 2018

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218 News

Channel 218 offers a series of bulletins and the necessary political files through the programs specialized in this regard, edited and prepared by editors and preparers and young broadcasters enriched their experiences with specialized courses in these areas.

Channel 218 is keen to have privacy and excellence in the news and hurdles and the arrival of new areas, both on the level of the news itself or the level of coverage of the geographical area covered, or the use of guests and analysts and interested and followers of the Libyan issue in various fields.

218 In general, a young channel in terms of elements, supervised by a team of experienced in this field, the goal is to blend experience in the spirit of youth in order to provide useful material and entertainment in a youthful spirit that addresses all segments of society.

Because Channel 218 believes that television is useful and fun, it does not neglect entertainment, through a range of programs aimed at a wide range of interests, including sports, art, civil society, and so on.

Channel 218 also focuses on the art of Arab and international drama, which discusses issues that are intimately related to the lives of Libyans, as well as documentary work in its general human context to introduce the viewer to the changes that have taken place around the world.

The channel seeks to promote a culture of dialogue, knowledge of cultures and respect for each other, and the search for a common humanity. There is no distinction between male and female and no discrimination on religious, tribal, regional or ethnic grounds. The channel seeks to raise new voices in both the professional and television fields, In its various programs, and works to deliver this information service by taking advantage of the latest achievements in the television industry; whether in technology or methods of technical handling.