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 Posted on October 30, 2015, and last modified on 3 months ago.

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RTV Noord

RTV Noord is a regional radio and television public broadcaster in Groningen, Netherlands. As of 2013, its radio programs are broadcast on FM 97.5 MHz. It broadcasts TV and radio programming 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Some content is broadcast in the Gronings dialect of Dutch. A popular part of the broadcaster's website is "Groningen in Beeld" ("Groningen in pictures"), which features pictures of Groningen Province uploaded by listeners.

About us

Together we are Noord

We are Groningers, just like you. We are relevant, reliable and dare to take a position. We are always looking for innovation and inspiration to find new ways. We are curious, look for you, listen to you and give you attention. We inspire you and, if necessary, show you the way. You can count on us, you are paramount. With us, you will find a home port, a place where you can join and participate. With RTV Noord you are connected so that you can form your own opinion. Together we are Noord.

I am aware of everything that is going on in Stad en Homeland. Thanks to Noord.


With our apps, websites and our presence on relevant social media, we are wherever the people of Groningen are online.


Varied music with attention to the regional language and new talent. Always with the latest news from Groningen and plenty of room for discussion.


Half an hour of television every day with space for news, sports, background information and the weather forecast.

Strong brand

From regional channel to the regional connector. RTV Noord is the platform for news and regional culture that focuses on the Groningen citizen involved. Our role changes from the sender to the connector. We are the discussion leader and are ultimately responsible for all our channels in terms of content.

We make a selection of the news, check facts and moderate in a debate. In this way, we help people to find their way in the forest of information and opinions. In addition, we make the news close by and add relevance to Groningen residents. RTV Noord is part of the Groningen society and gives the feeling of being human, inspiring and close by. We distinguish ourselves by the value, the interpretation and the context that we add to the stream of news and messages.