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 Posted on October 22, 2015, and last modified on 6 months ago.

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Himalaya TV

Himalaya Television, named after the mighty Himalayas, is a channel that has a vision beyond the conventional vogues of broadcasting. Our ambition is not solely to show but also to raise awareness of human issues and embrace the heterogeneous needs of a multicultural society.

Himalaya Television reaches out to all the people of Nepal from the plains of the Terai to the high ranges of the Himalayas and to those struggling for their livelihood abroad. We give priority to the needy and the marginalized and to those who really care about the sustainable development of the country. By doing so, we fulfill an important need, that is, expressing the sentiments of the voiceless mass.

Media can be a good catalyst for the proper functioning of democracy and for ensuring peace and prosperity. We believe in a future where all of us can lead respectable lives. Thus, our slogan is ‘Prosperity and Peace’. We have placed prosperity before the peace because we are campaigning for sustainable peace rather than mere rhetoric for ‘peace’.

For everlasting peace, prosperity is a prerequisite. We sow the seeds of an abundant, prosperous wealth of knowledge, thereby generating mass awareness for issues that are significant to the environment and that ensure democratic and human rights for all.

Having a clear concept of prosperity and peace, Himalaya Television is determined to campaign for the same in the most effective way possible. Committed to the precepts of human rights and norms of democracy, we are a holistic experience.

Himalaya Television (Nepali: हिमालय टेलिभिजन), founded in 2010, is a Kathmandu-based private television company of Nepal. Himalaya TV has the state-of-art digital broadcasting equipment for production, post-production, and broadcasting.

Himalaya TV currently is producing news and entertainment programs. News is an identity of Himalaya Television, though it has some interesting entertainment programs, too. HTV broadcasts news every hour. Infotainment programs are targeted to all age groups of viewers - musical programs, phone-in programs, folk shows, interviews. etc. Himalaya TV is a television station which has liked by many in a short span of time. Himalayan TV airs interesting programs every day from 8 to 9 pm.

From July 2018, Himalaya television has been officially acquired by Onlinekhabar.com. Online Khabar is one of the most remarkable online Portal which is already the strongest amongst all the portals in terms of authentic news dissemination, wide-coverage, distinguished news and has established a high reputation in the market with extensive knowledge of media.

Mr. Dharma Raj Bhusal, Chairman of Himalaya Television Network, brings in his rich experience and expertise as the lead figurehead of the group. His work experience and knack of doing business spans back to the year 2006, synthesizing his media exposure to 12 rich years and running. Mr. Dharma specializes in mainstream journalism also and is the reputed Editor-In-Chief of Onlinekhabar.com, Nepal’s No.1 online news portal. Mr. Shyam Kadel is the Executive Director of Himalaya Television Network. His determined focus and key responsibilities not only take the organization forward but also makes it a better place to work for the aspiring people of the organization.