Hosanna Visión

Hosanna Visión

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 Posted on October 31, 2015, and last modified on 9 months ago.

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Hosanna Visión

Hosanna Visión es un Canal de Televisión Cristiano que 24 Horas Transmite una palabra de Fe, Amor, Salvación y Gracia, desde Panamá hasta lo último de la tierra.

Hosanna Vision is unique, in Panama or in the world you will see no other means with the commitment to offer to program with ethical, moral values ​and with a totally spiritual, healthy, family foundation and whose mission is to cultivate the soul of those who connect with us. Thank you for your interest in Hosanna Vision, with God we will do feats.


To be one of the most influential media in the country, offering programs that enhance ethics with values, solid and the firm conviction that the word of God be carried throughout Panama and to the last of the Earth with the highest quality and technology.​


Promote values; through Christian programs and messages that build faith, optimism in all areas of life, family, social and spiritual of our viewers.