TV Słowianin

TV Słowianin

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 Posted on December 4, 2018

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TV Słowianin

Telewizja Słowianin is a constantly growing cable television, created for the members of the "Słowianin" Locators-Własnościowa housing cooperative. It covers two islands and three cities: Świnoujście, Międzyzdroje, and Wolin. Other cooperatives ("Odra", "Tęcza"), housing communities and individual recipients also have access to the program. We reach almost 8,000 households, or, to some extent, around 20,000. viewers! Programs can also be viewed via the internet portal. Slovenian TV broadcasts since February 1997.

The program offer is diverse. "In the lens" or "News from the Office" are mainly news from the city and the region. There can also be no space for "Our cooperative matters". Telewizja Słowianin is also journalism. 'Live Chat' and 'Guest Guest' programs are very popular. The "Slavian" also offers his viewers a series of historical stories "People and Events" in the author's edition of the outstanding historian Dr. Józef Pluciński. As the only editorial office, the city council is also broadcasting live. You can read more about the programs here.

The Slavs TV reports, and also includes its patronage of many cultural and sports events taking place in our city and region.

Surveys conducted several years ago showed that the local program is viewed by 90% of subscribers.

Telewizja Słowianin is not only a local program. It is also a cable network offering over 150 TV and radio channels. Subscribers also have access to broadband internet and fixed digital telephony.