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TV Duga Plus

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 Posted on June 15, 2014, and last modified on 9 months ago.

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TV Duga Plus

Duga Plus Television began operating in 1997 and aired on January 15, 1998. Since January 2008, we have started broadcasting the program via the Eutelsat W2 satellite for Europe, and online (via the Balkaniyum website) for the whole world. Since December 2009, we have started broadcasting our program in the US through the largest satellite provider (GlobeCast World TV) in the US. In Serbia, TV Duga Plus is watched through cable systems, satellite dishes, and Total TV.

Duga Plus TV has been defined as the only Serbian Diaspora television and has thus acquired the status of the most-watched Serbian television and favorite program in the diaspora, scattering, and surrounding countries. We are the only television that consciously nurtures Serbian music from all areas where Serbs live or come from, and therefore we are the only television to regularly broadcast guslar and religious (Orthodox) shows.

Duga Plus Television is the link that connects all people from our speaking areas of Serbia and the diaspora, both closer and farthest. They send messages, wishes, and greetings to their hometown, friends and relatives. With our program, we have become an integral part of family celebrations and celebrations.

Our program is broadcast 24 hours a day, every day, with certain amendments during religious and national holidays. Broadcasting of the daily part of the program is scheduled for the territory of Europe and the evening for the area of ​​North America and Australia.

For years, we have nurtured our brand, Dugino Poselo, which is, in fact, a concert joy, organized specifically for our viewers and broadcast on our program. Participation in the program is occupied by renowned singers and folk music groups. Jobs are held at gyms, both in Serbia and across the Diaspora, with thousands of people and children in attendance.