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 Posted on May 24, 2019

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Pannon RTV

Pannon Television. Pannon RTV

The institution operates at the Hungarian House in Subotica. He has more than 80 employees and produces around 50 awards. In addition to journalists, cinematographers, cutters, broadcasters, sound technicians, broadcast editors, production managers, and administrative staff work. A large number of reporters and editors have higher education qualifications. Most employees are under 35 years old. Pannon RTV is a dynamically developing media house that regularly reports on major events across the whole of Vojvodina, as well as on the motherland, and reports on Europe and the world. Pannon RTV is a media sponsor of many cultural events. It broadcasts the prominent political, public and cultural events and festivities of the Hungarians in Vojvodina (among other things, the meetings of the Hungarian National Council, the transferor of the Pataki Ring Award, Pannon's RTV correspondent network covers the whole of Vojvodina, and it also has reporters in Belgrade and Budapest.)

Pannon Television and Radio is the Southern Correspondent of the Hungarian public media, MTVA (Media Service Support and Trust Fund). He regularly sends material (reports, reports, interviews) to the programs of the M1, Danube and Kossuth Radio, and provides a live connection between Budapest and Subotica. On average, there are hundreds of material on Vojvodina in Hungarian broadcasts every month. In addition to public media, there are several rural TV and radio partners in Pannon RTV.

An important mission of Pannon RTV is to promote the Hungarian-Serbian dialogue. He also publishes major news on the Internet in Serbian and subtitles some of his programs to Serbian and Serbian to Hungarian. His reports regularly appear on Serbian public radio. One of the important goals of the media house is the presentation of the European Union to the Vojvodina audience. To this end, it also broadcasts thematic programs. 

The technical base of the RTV was renewed in February 2014. Thanks to this, the media house can work in HD quality, it can function as the most modern technical equipment of Vojvodina in studio technology, and it is also possible to live between Subotica and Budapest. The renovation was carried out with the help of MTVA.

Pannon Television, Pannon Radio, and Subotica Hungarian Radio are run by a civil organization called the Pannonia Foundation, which was founded in 2005 with the primary aim of developing information in Hungarian in Vojvodina and contributing to the survival and social integration of the Hungarians in Vojvodina. On 30 July 2010, the Hungarian National Council became co-founder of the Pannonia Foundation.