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Moskva 24

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 Posted on October 30, 2015, and last modified on 6 months ago.

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Moskva 24


City round-the-clock information television channel "Moscow 24". City news live on the TV channel every hour. Viewers can track operational information about the weather and the traffic situation in the city every 15 minutes. Broadcasting is supplemented by various sections on housing and communal services and real estate, safety, a healthy lifestyle, leisure, cultural events, technology, etc. Modern Live U signal transmission technologies, which are equipped with correspondents, allow reporting as soon as possible about everything that happens in the city in direct broadcasts from the places of events. Thus, the viewers of the TV channel are always up to date with all the most important events in the city.

"Moscow 24" is a round-the-clock channel of a new format.

The main objective of the Moscow 24 television channel is to inform as much as possible and promptly of all the events taking place in the capital. 

  • A distinctive feature of the Moscow 24 channel is a large number of live broadcasts covering a wide variety of events from the life of the city - from the activities of city authorities and prefectures to clubs, concert venues, and exhibitions. 
  • Moscow is a huge city - we have 184 museums, 375 libraries, 175 movie theaters, 155 theaters, more than 3,000 streets - we help to live in Moscow. We do not just work in Moscow - we live in it. And we help everyone who watches us live.
  • Every 15 minutes we talk about changes on the road, report on changes in the weather. Every hour we talk in detail about the news of the city. Every day on the air all the most important and interesting that is happening in the city.
We set ourselves a global task: we must know everything about what is happening in the city.

We follow everything that happens in Moscow and the first to inform the audience about it. Every day on our air useful information about where to go, what and where to eat, what to buy from clothes, how to solve your problems with city services. We try to be useful to every resident of our city. We are constantly in touch with our audience. Everyone can contact us with their questions - and we will help!

How to watch?

More than 4,500,000 households in Moscow and the surrounding suburbs have the ability to receive a channel signal. The broadcasting territory includes all 125 districts of the city. Distributed in cable networks of telecom operators Mostelecom OJSC (NKS OJSC), Comcor OJSC (AKADO), Querti, Comstar-UTS OJSC, Tricolor, Beeline, NTV + and others. 

The channel plans to increase the broadcast territory, use new broadcast platforms, spread in mobile environments and the Internet.