Samarskoe Gubernskoe TV

Samarskoe Gubernskoe TV

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 Posted on October 26, 2015, and last modified on 5 months ago.

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samarskoe gubernskoe tv


Samarskoe Gubernskoe TV

About the company

Television and Radio Company “GOVERNMENT” is the largest media holding in the Samara region. Every day, more than three million people, thanks to the work of the television and radio company, learn the latest news on the air of the Samara provincial television and radio, as well as online on the site.

The Samara provincial television (“GOVERNMENT” television channel) has been broadcasting in the region since 2009 and operates on the basis of full self-programming.

It is a source of operational, reliable, informative and entertaining information, professional and objective coverage of key events in the political, economic, social, cultural and scientific life of the Samara region. The coverage of round-the-clock broadcasting and cable broadcasting is almost 900 settlements of the region. The TV channel broadcasts 80% of domestic content: news (12 issues daily on weekdays), analytics, culture, sports and entertainment broadcasting, educational and documentary projects, feature films and popular television series. More than 50 programs of own production.

The PROJECTS of the television and radio company “GOVERNMENT” have repeatedly become winners at regional, federal and international festivals, and have received recognition and high marks from experts in Russian journalism. There are more than 50 awards in the piggy bank of the channel, including the silver diploma of the finalist “TEFI-Region 2013”, the Grand Prix and the 1st place of the “Federation” Competition in 2015, the 1st place in the competition “Country” Prize, the FSB Prize of Russia and many others.

In 2017, the GUBERNIA television and radio company won the competition for the right to broadcast on 21-button cable networks in the Samara Region, having received the status of the only mandatory public television channel in the Samara Region.

Samara Provincial Radio (“GOVERNMENT” radio) is the only music and information radio station with round-the-clock broadcasting throughout the Samara Region, including the most remote settlements. The radio station became a logical continuation of the television channel “GOVERNMENT”. Together they form a single information space of the Samara Territory. The official launch of the radio station took place on November 2014.

A distinctive feature of the broadcasting policy of a radio station is its locality. Content is 100% programmed in Samara. Having its own information service of the GUERNICA TV and Radio Company ensures that exclusive news releases are broadcast every 30 minutes. In 2016, the “GOVERNMENT” radio became the winner of the regional public action “National Recognition” in the nomination “Opening and Creation”.

“GOVERNMENT” TV and Radio Company today is a young and energetic team, a professional team, new projects, and fresh ideas. Television and Radio Company “GOVERNMENT” - the whole Samara Region is watching and listening!

Commercial cooperation

For all questions, please contact the commercial department of TRC “GUBERNIA” by phone: 8 (846) 226-65-66 or by e-mail:

The imprint of the media:

  • Network publication "Television and Radio Company" Guberniya "16+
  • Certificate number: EL No. FS 77 - 68746.
  • Registration date: 02/17/2017.
  • Distribution form: Network publication.
  • Distribution Territory: Russian Federation, foreign countries.
  • Founder: State budget institution of the Samara region "Television and Radio Company" Gubernia ".
  • Editorial address: 443068, Samara Region, Samara, 106, Novo-Sadovaya St., building 106.
  • Email address:
  • Phone: 8 (846) 226-65-66
  • Editor-in-chief: Tatyana Ivanovna Prokopavichene
  • Registration authority: Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications.