Momo Shopping 2

Momo Shopping 2

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 Posted on August 22, 2018, and last modified on 2 months ago.

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Momo Shopping 2

Fubon Media Technology (momo) is a leading brand of virtual channels in Taiwan, which includes momo shopping networks, skyscraper malls, TV shopping, and catalog shopping. Adhering to the corporate mission of “providing many good and cheap products and quality services to improve people's lives” and the four business values ​​of “integrity, kindness, professionalism, and innovation”, we provide consumers with 24/7 shopping services.

Momo was established in 2004 Nian 9 months, after years of cultivating the market, 2014 Nian 12 in May in the Taiwan Stock Exchange, jumped the industry leader; now serves more than 1000 million members, annual operating both steady growth and has won all sectors of business And service awards are affirmed.

With the rapid change of the global industry, momo has always been at the forefront of the industry and actively invests in trend areas such as mobile commerce, big data, and smart logistics to meet consumers' all-round needs: Since 2014, three mobile shopping apps have been launched to provide more convenient shopping.

Mode; In 2015, it cooperated with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to launch the "themed floor elevator", which uses big data analysis to provide a personalized shopping experience. In 2016, it introduced advanced search engines and intelligent customer service robots to improve service efficiency and quality.

In 2017, it invested more than 40 The “North District Automated Logistics Center” created by the RMB 100 million was officially opened, leading the industry's automated logistics equipment, creating better and faster delivery services for the public. In 2018, momo revolved around the core axis of " everything in life is a matter of momo " and increased its penetration in the retail market.

momo is based in Taiwan and more international. Chinese market, 2011 Nian 5 was established Fubon Gehua (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd., 2015 Nian 6 Yue has invested 1 Yi 3000 Wan floor viewing households in Beijing Kunihiro Global Media Technology Co., Ltd. ASEAN market, 2014 Nian 3 Yue joint venture between Thai TVD momo company, now Thailand's second-largest TV shopping industry. Momo also continues to lay out the ASEAN market, hoping to bring Taiwan's successful experience to the world stage.

For a long time, momo has spared no effort in participating in social public welfare, creating an online public welfare platform to help people with physical and mental disabilities and vulnerable ethnic groups to improve their lives; actively participating in issues such as sports promotion and environmental protection to implement corporate social responsibility.

Looking forward to the future, momo will continue to expand the virtual channel market and accelerate its internationalization, hoping to become the virtual shopping platform preferred by consumers and suppliers in the Chinese world.