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 Posted on May 1, 2019

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HLN is a national news network that airs news by day and mysteries and investigations by night. HLN's dayside programs feature live coverage of national, regional, lifestyle, and entertainment stories in a fast-paced approachable tone with expert-led, personality-driven hosts.

HLN is an American basic cable and satellite television news channel owned by giant media conglomerate Turner broadcasting System – one of the largest in the world. The Time Warner division of the corporation operates and manages the HLN.

The English news brand is a spinoff of the pioneer CNN- Cable News Network. A 30-minute bulletin is formatted every each half-hour 24×7 with latest updates and fresh feeds from states and the world around it.

The HLN has transformed from national news, sports and entertainment, weather and business to a new brand with a format similar to the lengthened tabloid, relating crime and entertainment and opinion oriented programming.

HLN is formerly known as CNN2 (1982–1983), Headline News (1983–1997), CNN Headline News (1997–2007) and finally incorporated as simply HLN.

The news television since 2014 is focusing on the news with an emphatic overview of social media. The availability of the HLN has been approximated to 97,092,000 domestic American households as of February 2015 stats.

The channel was ranked as the most distributed in the USA in March 2015 following the drop out of “The Weather Channel” from Verizon FiOS. The Cable News Network’s sibling has reached in Asia, South America and various the regions of the Caribbean.

Originally intended to propagate a newscast every 30 minutes 24×7 focusing national news, sports, weather, business and entertainment, and lifestyle feeds, the channel has been gradually transformed into a tabloid format covering opinion, crime and giving more space to entertainment and social trends.

As claimed by the station it spreads the news by day and mysteries and airs mysteries and investigations b night. CNN2 was renamed as Headline News in January 1983. Until 1992 it was recognized as HN. In December 2008 HLN became the new acronym for the station.

The channel switched its standard definition feed to HD. George H. W. Bush death Hoax in 1992, Casey Anthony Murder Trial, Daytime Emmy Awards 2012 are some of the major events happened so far in the long journey of HLN.

2016 was marked with the rejoining of Eric Hill to host a program form New York, inclusion of Michaela Pereira who hosted New Day at Cable News Network (CNN) and leaving of Nancy Grace after a decade long affiliation with HLN.

Ashleigh Banfield replaced Nancy to host Primetime Justice, a new addition in the program lineup. Today the station is available in Asia, Middle East, North Africa, and Latin America. As per states of July 2015, HLN is available to approx. 97 million households in the United States.