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Yemen TV

The television sector, the Yemen satellite channel and the first

Television in Yemen:

Yemen first knew television broadcasting in 1964 when the British occupier in Aden established a television broadcasting station that launched its work on September 11 of that year, and its broadcast was limited and limited to the colony of Aden and some neighboring areas. As for Shamal Al-Watan, television broadcasting was known only in 1975 when it opened in Sana'a on September 24 of that year, a broadcasting station for broadcasting TV.

Its broadcast has gradually expanded to cover most of the country. After declaring the establishment of the Republic of Yemen in 1990 AD, it was named the Sana'a station (the first channel), while the Aden station was called (the second channel). First Channel TV (Yemen Satellite Channel): It was established on September 26, 1975 AD and I moved to color broadcasting on September 24, 1975 AD. It covers its broadcast on the terrestrial network - throughout the day - and satellite broadcasting as well.

The channel currently sends its broadcast on 1. Arabsat Badr 4: It covers the Middle East and parts of the continents of Asia and Europe, while the Yemen channel, as well as two radio programs (the General Program and the Second Program), are broadcast on the following satellites alongside the Arab satellite Arabsat Badr 4. 2. Nilesat: It covers the Arab region. 3. NSS7 covers Africa. 4. Policies 100.5 covering the Asian continent 5. Hot bird covers Europe 6. Galaxy 25 covering North America 7. Hispasat covering South America. 8. North America cable coverage.

Channel Two TV (Yemeni):

It was established on September 11, 1964, and it moved to color broadcasting on March 8, 1981 AD. Its terrestrial transmission covers a number of governorates of the Republic and is also broadcast via satellite via the Arab satellite Arabsat Badr 4. Saba channel (youth - tourism - educational): It opened on March 19, 2008, as the first Yemeni TV channel specialized in youth, tourism and education issues and broadcasts its programs on the Arab satellite Arabsat Badr 4. Satellite broadcasting Yemen: Satellite broadcasts for the Republic of Yemen TV programs began for the first time on December 20, 1995, via the American satellite (Intelsat 702). As of September 15, 1996, broadcasts were transmitted to the satellite (Arabsat A2 ), and as of March 6, 2003, satellite broadcasts were moved to the A3 satellite.

As of the year 2007 AD, it moved to the Arabsat Badr 4 satellite, and

Yemen today has a full lunar package, which opened on March 19, 2008, with a capacity of 34 MHz with the energy compatible with it on the "Badr 4" satellite in the QSBS package with a frequency of 12181. There Plans for the future expansion of satellite broadcasting and the available capabilities to benefit from the launch of approximately 12 satellite channels via the moon Arabsat Badr 4.

It was considered the day of the opening of the Yemeni satellite channel as a holiday for the Yemeni media that will be celebrated annually, as announced by His Excellency Brother President/Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of the Republic. On May 16, 2008, Minister of Information Hassan Al-Lawzi issued a ministerial decision to establish a religious television channel called Al-Iman Channel that specializes in the production and broadcast of religious, directive and instructional programs that began their experimental broadcasting as of Sunday evening, August 31, 2008.